Saturday, July 18, 2009

Why I Hate The Wave

Yes, I hate the Wave. I think it's dumb. Not only that, I think it's counter productive to sporting events. People almost always insist on starting the wave during baseball games when they are bored. And during Orioles' games, fans often need distractions. But that does not warrant the wave. It's dumb. And it seems to always happen when our team is pitching. This is extremely stupid. If you insist on doing the wave, do it when the opposing side is pitching, then it can at least be distracting to their pitcher and maybe help us some.

The problem seems to be that even when the wave starts when the other team is pitching, it never really seems to get going until the O's are up to bat. And after going around again and again and again it only seems to stop when our pitcher manages to give up a hit does it stop. Well, this is my plea to everyone...STOP THE WAVE.

Do we really need another way to put our team at a disadvantage? Even if you think I'm crazy, and that the wave is just idle fun. Think about it for a moment, does it ever actually help the team? Isn't that why we go to games, to support the team? Sure, drink beer, have fun, but there are plenty of obnoxious things you can do without the wave.

On top of everything else, if you are actually trying to watch the game, people standing up and down in front of you is the last thing you want. At least, it's the last thing I want. If you don't believe it's bad for the team, it at least has to be bad for the fans. Cheer, shout, spell out the team name. But please, please, stop the wave. For the team or your own good.

Quick apologies to any regular readers I might have left. I'm studying for the Maryland Bar Exam. The test is in about a week. I'm spending about 60% of my energy studying, 30% of my energy remaining sane, and 10% for everything else. It's cause me to neglect this blog for a bit. But I'm looking forward to having the time to blog again soon. Sometimes real life gets in the way. Thanks, everyone, for your patience.


Curtis Tarver said...

I definitely agree, for the most part--it's not so much that people wave, but when people wave, and inevitably it's the worst possible time for the home team. I've had one transcendent wave experience (if there is such a thing), however: Outback Bowl 2005, where the Wisconsin student session had supreme control of the wave--they sped it up, slowed it down, sent it backwards, and even sent it in both directions. It was pretty amazing.

Jason said...

This is a great sports blog. I have a sports blog myself and I would like to exchange links with you. Let me know about this. Thanks.