Sunday, August 24, 2008


I'm heading back to school tomorrow and the last few weeks have been pretty hectic for me. So I want to apologize to my ten regular readers out there for being a slacker and not updating regularly. I had a great weekend celebrating my friends wedding, then was sick and wrote my last post with a clogged head and a fever, so I'm not sure it makes much sense, and then had another wedding.

But with college football starting soon, NFL starting soon, and the baseball playoff race starting to heat up I'll have lots to write about in the coming weeks. And by baseball playoff race I mean the Orioles Drive for 5. It would be a huge team victory to finish at .500. They haven't been doing that well over the last few games but they have been swinging their bats so we're bound to win a few more. While winning 24 out of the next 34 games seems tough it is possible. I still have hope. And regardless, they have far exceeded my expectations this season already. So I'm happy either way.

As far as college football goes, the ACC is not known for its great football. But it seems to keep getting better. There are even a few analysts who believe Maryland could be the dark horse of the ACC this year. I would love to see that happen. But I'm not ready to get my hopes up quite yet. I'll wait a few games to see what the Fridge has in store for me before I get all bright eyed and optimistic. Whatever happens, it'll be nice to see the ACC actually having some real contenders this year. Let's see what Clemson, Georgia Tech and the rest have this year.

As for the Ravens, I haven't been paying nearly enough attention. People keep getting married during their pre-season games. So I haven't been watching them. Right now I think Troy Smith should be the starter. From what I've read, Flacco is nowhere ready to start and we shouldn't rush him. Boller is Boller. He's not really going to do much for us but he could help us to not lose games. But Smith has shown a lot of potential and growth. And while he can be wildly inconsistent he deserves a chance. Plus Boller has a hurt shoulder, so I think we should wait on him. Smith showed tremendous poise in his few outings last year. And given the chance he can step up and move the ball down the field. He is our best option for starter.

I will be starting school again tomorrow, so I should be able to post more often as I try to avoid doing actual law work. So keep checking back for updates. I'll be trying to post at least 3 times a week. And with all the sporting events to write about I think it will be totally doable. Thanks all for your patience as I've slacked off recently.


jeff said...

can i write a guest blog about things derek jeter can do during october this year?