Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Topsy Turvy ACC

So I'm home for the week and this means that I will be neglecting my blog while I do other important things like fill out my Bar application and stuff my face with as much Thanksgiving fare as is possible for a small girl. Yes, I'm one of those people that starves myself for a couple weeks before Thanksgiving so that I can come home and eat four times my weight in food in one day. This way after Thanksgiving, I really only have to starve myself for a short time before I resume the binge eating around Christmas. Yes, I am the epitome of 'healthy eater,' whatever, exercise is for people without the will power to just not eat.

Well, I'm back in Baltimore for Turkey Day and figured it was as good a time as any to give my thoughts on the ridiculousness that is ACC football this year. Now that Maryland has finally eliminated themselves, well I guess technically it was FSU that eliminated them, I can stop paying attention to college football and focus on the train wreck that is Maryland basketball. But I have some final thoughts about ACC football first.

All season, people have bemoaned the fact that there has been no clear front runner to win the ACC. Every week a new team was on top, I think before last week there were only three teams mathematically eliminated from playing in the ACC Championship game. And people seemed to think this was a terrible tragedy. I know I lamented about Maryland's incredible inconsistent play, and as a fan I wanted them to do better, but I think the conference is better for missing a clear number one.

Isn't this why teams are in conferences? They play other school with teams around the same caliber. The conference games are supposed to be competitive. Otherwise, what's the point? Just make it a free for all. Get rid of the conferences, the Big East is already trying to do this, why not just join in with them. While no one like their team to lose, everyone likes their team to be in the race, and a well balanced conference makes that possible. Maryland just had it backwards. They beat the good teams in the conference and were destroyed by the weaker teams. But what's the fun if there is no competition?

The ACC has never been a college football powerhouse. And honestly, it doesn't look like it's going to happen anytime soon. But at least most of the teams are competitive among themselves now. So complain about the lack of a juggernaut if you want to. I'm going to appreciate the even keel of this conference, even if it does make it topsy turvy. It makes me hopeful for next season. Because you can't be true sports fan if you don't believe in maybe next year.



cgb said...

I agree with you that the ACC games have been much more enjoyable to watch this year because every week really meant something.

However, over the next two years I think the ACC will be on its way to being the power conference it was meant to be when VT, BC and Miami joined. All of the traditional powerhouse schools are starting a lot of young players, so it allowed some of the traditional bottom feeders to compete with them. Next season Miami and FSU are going to be pretty damn good. For my sake I hope VT can stay on par with them.

Enjoy the mass food intake.

Anonymous said...

Terps Men Basketball looks like it is going to be just as frustrating as Fridge's boys. Great game yesterday versus Mich State, but there are going to be nights where that lack of inside presence is going hurt. We might even beat UNC once, but I don't see the NCAA tournament this year (I hope I am wrong).