Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Young Pitching Pans Out...Countdown 74

After a week of loses and injuries and inconsistencies on the mound the Orioles finally won another game. They beat the White Sox 10-3. Now they are back at .500 and only 74 wins away from a .500 season on the year. And games like last night's are the kind of games that give you hope for the future. The O's called up Brad Bergesen from Triple A and he was able to tame the big bats of the Chicago White Sox by only letting you three runs in 5 2/3 innings. That's a solid start and Orioles are looking for.

It's amazing that we seem to have a farm system once again. Woo hoo! The Orioles also gave this young started the run support he needed and more to gain his first major league win. If he works out the O's could have four decent starting pitchers. Guthrie, Uehara, Hendrickson and Bergesen. All have now had at least one solid start. Yes, there have been some bad games in there, but honestly, if I told you before the season that the Red Sox would sweep the O's in the first series against them would you have been surprised. No. The big surprise would have been the start.

Hopefully, the pitching is beginning to settle and the bats are staying hot. Hope that Strive for .500 actually makes it to zero is alive again. Don't burst my bubble. Last night was a good night.


Dennis said...

Did you read Maese's column in the Sun this morning about bringing up the young pitching early? I strongly disagree with him. As much as I liked Bergesen, and I think he's proven that he deserves a place in the majors, we've got too many examples of bringing up a young pitcher too early (Hayden Penn and Sydney Ponson, notably) to make it a successful strategy. What do you think?

Meghan said...

I just read Maese's column. I'm all for bringing up pitchers and anyone else when they are ready. I don't think we should rush things. Weiters is a prime example of someone we shouldn't rush. Especially since if we wait to bring him up we can have him under contract for extra season. And batting does not seem to be a major weakness at this point. I think the club house and Andy McPhail are the best people to decide when minor leaguers are ready for action. And I'm going to trust them. I'm excited about our farm system and it's easy to believe that there are a lot of guys who would do well but I think bringing them up just for the sake of bringing them up is a terrible idea.