Thursday, June 5, 2008

Is It Possible for Both Teams to Lose?

While I normally try my best to ignore the NBA, it seems that the finals are here are clamoring for attention. I understand the historic rivalry between these two cities. Combined they have won 30 of 61 championships. And there was the whole Bird-Magic rivalry that just intensified the hatred these two teams have for each other. But try as I might I just can't get energized for this match up.

I understand its the finals, which I will usually watch in any sport because the level of play tends to be so much higher. And to be honest, I will probably watch tonight, maybe I'll even enjoy it. But with the NBA, I have a hard time getting excited even when the Wizards are in the playoffs, and they're the team I support. And with these two teams I really can't decide who I want to lose more.

In general, I tend to have an East Coast bias. Which in this case means I should root for the Celtics. But I'm sorry, Boston has just been too good lately. With the Pats and Red Sox recent dominance is it really fair to give the city another championship to inflate their already annoyingly big ego and give the fans another reason to be obnoxious.

However, the Lakers aren't exactly the most lovable team. They also have plenty of championships, and a bunch in recent years. How many rings will Kobe have if they win? 50? I mean, he is really good, but I just have a hard time rooting for him, especially after the whole rape thing. No means no, and yes to one thing does not mean yes to everything. I'd like to believe she just made it all up and it was all consensual, but either way it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Also, like I said earlier, I have a pretty extreme East Coast bias and rooting for a California team, especially and LA team just doesn't sit well with me.

So is there any way both teams could lose? I guess it could happen if terrorist were to bomb the arena and blow up both teams. But barring some colossally tragic event, it doesn't seem very feasible. (NOTE: I do not want terrorist to blow up or in any way injure anyone, or for that matter, have anything besides losing befall either of these teams, not even injuries.) Which means I have to pick a side because, lets face it, its more fun to watch sports when you're cheering for someone.

So I'm going with Boston and the East Coast. I'll admit I'd like to see Kevin Garnett win a ring. He seems like a decent guy who has worked his ass off and deserves one. I don't really want to see Kobe win another one. (Let his legacy be tied to Shaq for all time, I'm ok with that.) Plus, when all else fails, I pick the mascot I like better. And being Irish, I like the leprechaun and the shamrock.

So, Go Celtics, I guess.