Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Orioles Magic for Guthrie

Sorry for the delay in posting. I was in Italy and then dealing with jet lag, I get all messed up with daylight savings time so a 6 hour difference really screws with me. And I've been busy sleeping, playing softball and obsessing about and over analyzing things I have no control over. So really I have no good excuse for not writing, but I thought a short explanation was in order.

When I left for my trip the Orioles were 32-33 and had just lost two games to Boston. And that nagging fear that there was an inevitable slump coming started eating at the edges of my mind. So imagine my delight when I came home to find them sitting nicely at 38-35 last Sunday. As of today, they are 39-36. And last night, they faced the team with not only the best record in baseball, but the best home record in baseball, and they won. So in my mind this series has already been a success. If the Orioles have finally decided to score runs for Jeremy Guthrie at the hardest park to win at in baseball then maybe, they'll start scoring runs for him at home as well.

I really feel for Guthrie and am glad the O's decided to preform for him. He leads the team with an ERA of 3.64 and 70 strikeouts. But he also leads the team with 7 losses. Somehow all those amazing come from behind wins just don't seem to happen when he's on the mound. But in what seems to be the fashion of the Orioles this season, maybe they needed the really tough atmosphere to make it happen. Otherwise it would have been too easy. This team seems to thrive during adversity. It truly has captured some Orioles Magic.

Hopefully, this Orioles Magic will stick around and Guthrie will be keep getting support. It's a little embarrassing when your Ace has one of the worst records even with the best ERA. It reminiscent of the no decision and loss streak that Bedard had last year while leading the team in ERA and strike outs. But this year is a totally different team with a totally different dynamic. Suddenly Orioles Magic seems possible again. So Brian Roberts and the rest of the gang need to keep coming through with the hits. And Sherrill has to keep up those great saves. Because our Ace deserves a winning record and some share of the new Orioles Magic.