Tuesday, December 2, 2008

ACC/Big Ten Challenge

Yes, it's that time of year again, that time where the ACC gets to beat up on the Big Ten. It's called the ACC/Big Ten Challenge. Teams from the ACC are matched up against teams from the Big Ten, actually eleven teams. I'm not actually sure why the Big Ten keeps taking part in this. After nine years, the Big Ten has not won a single challenge. This year they might have a chance. VT and Miami lost, but Clemson and Boston College have won. Duke is winning but the Virginia is losing in the second half. So it could be tied going into tomorrow.

Usually I would be worried, but the ACC tends to show up big in this matchup. So I still think they'll pull it out. Especially, since one of those teams in UNC. Now, I don't want to get all high on UNC, but they are good. So if the games tally is even tomorrow, the ACC just has to win two games plus the UNC game. Three out of the other four games are played with the ACC having home court advantage. And ACC teams play well at home.

Maryland plays Michigan tomorrow at the Comcast Center. Maryland plays much better at home with the fans all riled up. Maryland showed that it can come to play when they beat Michigan State last week. I think they'll show up tomorrow. After two humiliating losses, they need to re-earn the respect of the fans and show they can be a contender. This is a win that will matter come tournament selection time. And Gary Williams can't afford another year with his team in the NIT.

I'm heading down to College Park tomorrow. So I really hope that the Terps show up and play well. This is a game that they need to win. And it's not going to be a fun bus ride home if they lose.



cgb said...

I was hoping for the straight out sweep, but the Hokies tanked that idea on Tuesday when they couldn't close the comeback. Then McClinton gets ejected and Miami losses. Go us former Big East schools. Either way the ACC will still win and the challenge has to be one of the coolest things about college basketball.

KeKnight said...

Big win for MD tonight not to mention a great resume builder come March... I think Mich will be a good team this year... so to have 2 wins against MSU and MU in non-conference schedule is awesome... hopefully, we don't let down against GW this weekend, we have had horrible luck with GW in the BB&T classic the past few years... scary game coming off a nice home win. I hope the bus ride home was good, should have been a nice party. But my real question concerns when will ACC schools promote Shuffleboard as a scholarship program at school... that's what I'm waiting for...I could see City Limits as a possible Final Four site!! And of course they would have to waive the perfunctory NCAA alcohol ban.

Meghan said...

The alcohol ban is also a problem when it comes to Division I beer pong teams. I'm trying to work out a solution to this. But I'm a little distracted right now. VT has shuffleboard all over their campus. So they might be a better candidate to lead the way.

cgb said...

What could possibly be more important than 1a beer pong?