Monday, December 29, 2008

Potato Bowl

Schizophrenia seems to have its downsides. The Terps, at one point poised to go to the Orange Bowl, or at least the ACC Championship game faltered down the stretch and are now going bowling in Boise, Idaho. So instead of getting to play in the post season in some warm locale that fans are willing to flock to, the game will be played on the blue field at Boise State, estimated temperature at game time 34 degrees.

The Terps will be playing in the Roady's Humanitarian Bowl against Nevada. This really sounds like one of those bowl games that people make up to make fun of the bowl system. But trust me, this is all too real. The sponsor, Roady's is the largest truck stop chain in the country. (I looked it up.) And it happens to be based in Idaho. I have no idea why it is the Humanitarian Bowl. I guess people in Iowa are just extra humane, or the truck stops promote being humane. Really, I would have guessed the potato bowl, but what do I know. If anyone out there can explain the bowl name to me I'd appreciate it.

Maryland is playing Nevada in the Potato Bowl. All I know about Nevada is that they play in the WAC conference. And apparently are not very good because they were also vanquished to the Potato Bowl. Sorry about this, but I refuse to do research about a team I won't think or hear about for years after Maryland is finished playing them in this meaningless game. So my next few predictions should considered with that knowledge.

I think Maryland will win this game. I say this just because I'm a Terps fan. They have played well in crappy weather all year long. They also play well in the afternoon, when this game is being played. If this was a big bowl game being played in prime time they'd probably lose. But if you look at the meaningless factors I've just mentioned they seem to have a pretty good shot.

I think it's justified to completely ignore Nevada in this assessment. Maryland didn't seem to care who they were playing all year. They played badly against bad teams and well against good teams until the end of the season when they just collapsed. They played better in bad weather and worse at night. This team has been impossible to predict all season, which is probably why they're playing in the Truck Stop Potato Bowl anyway. There is very little on the line for this game. I don't know which way that will break for Maryland. I'm still a little bitter this game is in Idaho. But I still hope we win.


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junior said...

Hey there, funny post! As a Boise native, I thought I would share why the bowl is named what it is. Not that anyone here cares all that much. Pretty much the only time these things are mentioned are the month preceding the game.

Meghan said...

Thanks. I appreciate the answer. Though I still believe it should be called the potato bowl.