Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Terps Wack Wolf Pack in Potato Bowl

The Terps won the Potato Bowl yesterday 42-35. And it was an exciting game to watch, even when it was sloppy and looked like the Terps were deliberately trying to mess things up. Luckily for them, Nevada, refused to take advantage of the multiple slip ups and let the Terps finish the season on a high note.

The games started off strange with several starting players being benched for violating curfew, including Da'Rel Scott. This prompted me to ask, what was so awesome happening in Boise that the players were willing to risk starting this bowl game? I mean it's Boise. Anyone?

The first quarter was rife with randomness. A missed extra point, a kickoff return for a touchdown and botched kickoff. It was full of fun and typical Terp ridiculousness. But the Terps managed to hold on to the lead and play the rest of the game reasonably well.

The Nevada defense was supposed to be really good at rushing the ball. But they hit the Maryland defensive line and were continually punished. Nevada seemed to have most of its success passing. But once the Terps managed to catch on to their passing scheme the defense was able to act.

Scott was probably the most valuable player for Maryland. Once he finally got into the game he seemed determined to prove that he deserved to play. And he proceeded to run all over Nevada's defense.

Overall, it was a fitting way to end the season. The Terps' play was maddening but totally expected in that it was totally unexpected. They might not be consistent. But at least they make things interesting. And hopefully next year they'll remember Boise and be inspired to get to a warm weather bowl instead.
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Anonymous said...

No kidding, I thought I was the only one who wondered of all the places to get caught in a curfew violation, BOISE???? WTF. Glad to see the Terps won with some underclassmen, the ACC should be weak again next year, so if we can become consistent maybe we can actually win the damn ACC.