Friday, March 13, 2009

Let Me Down Easy

Dear Maryland Terrapins,

You are my favorite team. I have watched all season for many seasons. I've weathered the ups and downs. I've suffered with you and enjoyed your successes. So as a long time fan and alumna of the great University of Maryland please grant me one small request. If you are going to break my heart and crush my soul tonight by losing, please do it early. Get blown out by Wake. Make it almost comical, similar to that Duke game earlier this season where I really tried to give up on this team. You keep dangling this carrot in front of me and I really just can't take it any more.

I can't take the game being close until the last three minutes when you're small size become overwhelmingly evident and every shot gets blocked. I just can't watch another game like that this season. It's been a rocky year. I started mourning the end of the season only to have you come back from the dead. I watched as Gary and Debbie exchanged words and embarrassed the once proud program. I defended the team to friends who insinuated all was lost when the revival started.

Please, if I have to suffer through another year of the NIT, give me some time to accept that. Don't give me hope that Selection Sunday will be all smiles for me and all the other Terp fans out there. Ideally, you guys will win tonight. But I'm not sure I'm ready to believe that will happen. I'd love to see the team step up and come together. To play like you did against UNC or Michigan St. I'd love to see a team that won't give up and plays a full 40 minutes. But I won't hold it against you if you don't. I know its hard to keep up the emotional intensity. It's hard to play a fresh team when you battled hard the night before. And I know, no matter what happens tonight, I'll be cheering you on whenever your next game is, be in NCAA, NIT, or next season.

I can't give up on you. I'll be there for you regardless. So please, try to treat all the fans that feel the same way right. Don't tease us and play with our emotions only to let us down and hurt us. Let us know where you stand early on. It's the humane thing to do. Remember, we love you anyway.




Photo: found at the Baltimore Sun


Josh Nadas said...

Hope really does hurt more. I am kind of shocked that we beat a team... I mean obviously I hope we win but I am just not emotionally invested this year.

Tough times for Mens bb. The ladies kick ass tho.

Anonymous said...

Check your Deadspin messages when you get a chance, please.

Anonymous said...

Goddamn if that isn't exactly how I feel.

Go Terps!


Anonymous said...

I was directed to your blog by my husband and really find it quite hysterical. If not for the H in your name, we are really very similar. Born and raised a hometown fan. I will have to say I was too much of a Redskin fan to give it up when the Ravens came along. My husband though a chick who liked sports was so cool he even went to a Women's World Cup game with me when we first started dating in 2003 just to impress me. He still gets made fun of for that one. Now he keeps me updated on all the US National team


Meghan said...

Thanks Megan-

I hope you keep coming back. You can join my legion of 10 regular readers. I was never a Redskins fan as my Mom is a Giants fan. So when the Ravens came I adopted them. I grew up about 4 blocks from Ravens Stadium, or whatever they call it now so it just seemed right.