Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shall We Dance?

The suspense is killing me. I want it to be 6:00 right now so I can know for sure if Maryland is in or not. I tried watching the ACC Championship game but watching Duke beat up on Florida State was too much for me. So now I'm trying to find ways to occupy my time for the next few hours so I can stop going over the reasons Maryland should get a berth in my head. I'm literally twitching in anticipation, though that might have something to do with all the coffee I drank this morning.

I'm not going to go over the arguments for Maryland again because if you have any interest in the ACC you've already heard them. So right now I'm just waiting and hoping that Maryland gets in and even better they play their first game in Philadelphia. I know that seems like a lot to ask. But I've never been to a tournament game before (ok, I did go to a NIT game once, but that doesn't really count) and would go nuts if Maryland was able to play in the city I happen to be living in. I have to believe that since Philly is so close to Maryland that the arena would be packed with red clad supporters.

Excuse me while I dream of seeing my Terps win their first round game in front of basically a home crowd. If they don't make the tournament I might wind up crying later tonight. But I don't really want to think about that. Right now I'm thinking about how much fun its going to be. I just want to dream about Maryland appearing on the bracket. Please don't burst my bubble.


Anonymous said...

No fear! And they drew the Golden Bears, for crying out loud. Who will you cheer for if it's Temple v. Terps in the final?

Josh Nadas said...

I can't believe that we did it. Good for us.

Anonymous said...

We did it! So awesome. If we can get past Memphis (no small feat) I can see us going to the Elite 8. It's the second season and anything is possible.


Meghan said...

TERPS!!!! All the way. I'll cheer for Temple but I'm a Maryland girl.

cgb said...

Congratulations on making the dance and good luck against Cal!