Sunday, March 22, 2009

Random MMA

In an attempt to distract myself from the rout of Maryland yesterday I was just surfing some random sports sites and stumbled across a video of a Mixed Martial Arts fighter addressing some type of cheating scandal. It had something to do with Vaseline and men being paid to kiss other men, whatever, not the interesting part. Apparently there are some hot MMA fighters out there. I guess I always figured that two men grappling with each other would have to be in good shape, but I also figured their faces would be a little busted, they're fighters, it made sense in my head. Well, there is at least on hottie out there, Georges St. Pierre, and he's also a pretty good fighter, or at least that's what his website says.

I know almost nothing about MMA, except they fight in a cage, and know a bunch of martial arts styles, wrestling moves and boxing techniques. Maybe one of my readers could educate me about this sport. I know it's ridiculous to say this, but if more of the fighters look like this guy, I could become a fan. I've seen a few fights but never really gave it much thought before. But there's nothing like a little eye candy to help relieve the pain of a hard loss.

I should be catching up on the massive amount of signings the Ravens have made during free agency or how the O's are doing in spring training, or any of the sports I really care about. But I needed a down day and though everyone deserved a mindless post after my angry rant about the ACC yesterday. Sorry about that, but it's my blog, so whatever. I'll get back to my regular sports soon.


The Zoner said...

GSP is the "Clooney" of MMA. You're not alone in your admiration of him.

There are also many great female MMA fighters. We feature one on my other website "Chicago's MMA". Her name is Felice Herrig, The "L'il Bulldog".


p.s. - promise to include you in next year's tourney. or maybe i'll do an all-female sports blog. whaddya think?

Meghan said...

Thanks for the heads up on the MMA. No stress about next year's tourney. If you do an all female sports blog tourney I'd be honored to be included. I loved the idea of the name tourney and just wanted to get my name out there. And as a result you checked out my site, so I guess it worked.

Michael said...

can't wait for the orioles news. I think you'll appreciate my fantasy team's name:

Bring the Schmuckus

Meghan said...

I have a hard time with fantasy baseball but do appreciate the name. I'll get to the O's soon enough. I just needed a few days of mourning for my Terps.