Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mourning Maryland: The Stages of Grief

I am officially in mourning for the death of the Maryland basketball season. This probably started on Saturday when Maryland was humiliated by Duke. But I think I was experiencing the first stage, denial for the last few days. I still thought they're might have resurrect their season. Or maybe something good could come out of all of this. Maybe a change would be made. Maybe, they could learn and come back and show some improvement. Maybe make something respectable out of this debacle. That was obviously false hope and denial.

Right now I'm in the anger stage. How did they collapse again? How is Kim now ineligible? Why don't they have a center? When did they get so bad? How did this happen? What else could possible go wrong? Seriously, I can't believe this team. I'm just pissed at them all right now. Stupid Gary for not recruiting and coaching. Stupid Debbie Yow for not working better with Gary. Stupid Vasquez for playing consistently. I want somebody's head. At this point I don't care who. I just want blood.

The next stage is bargaining. Maybe I'm already there. I want something to change. I will not support this team anymore if nothing happens. It's really the only chip I have. It's not true. It's just the anger talking. I will always watch this team. Even when they are failing miserably.

After that is depression. I assume it will come after the next game, well next loss, probably the same thing. I'm sure I'll want to give up on the season since it doesn't matter any more. Maybe I'm already slipping into that stage. I'm definitely not there yet. But I can feel it coming on a little bit. Check with me after the next game. I can feel it coming it on.

Hopefully soon I'll be ready to accept this season as a failure. I honestly don't think we're going to even make the NIT the way things are going. This season might be the true low point in the great history of Maryland basketball. This team is just terrible and totally not competitive in the ACC. Sure, they were able to beat a couple Big Ten teams, but this is the ACC. And this is just sad.

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Josh Nadas said...

Admittedly, things look bad. I never thought Gary could put himself in a position to get fired, but right now he has go to be on thin ice.

It's not like the NBA is calling or anything... if he wasn't coaching here where would Gary Williams go?

Meghan said...

I have no idea where he would go. I'm sure a smaller school would hire him. He still has a national championship which looks really great on a resume.

Scott said...

Go? Why would he go anywhere? He's in his early 60's, and I'm sure he has a ton of money. He should just retire...

How much longer is his contract?

Meghan said...

His contract runs through 2013. Quite a long time. He wants to work so I don't think he would just retire. He could also be a commentator.

Maryland doesn't have the money to buy him out of his contract. So unless he resigns I think he'll be with us for a while.

He also needs the notoriety so he can pick up college girls.