Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Red Hot Capitals

The Capitals extended their winning streak to seven last night. But more importantly they beat the Flyers for the first time this season. After a painful elimination in the seventh game of the first round of the playoffs last year and a loss earlier in the season, the Caps needed this victory. No matter how far they have come this season, they still needed to beat the team that knocked them out last year. The Flyers were also the last team to beat the Caps this season. The Caps needed this win to really prove to themselves they can beat anyone.

The Caps are almost unbeatable at home this season. They have a commanding lead over the Southeastern conference and look to be a dominating force once playoff time comes. But until last night they still had one monkey on their back, the Flyers. And after overcoming that obstacle, they must have a fresh burst of confidence. It doesn't matter that they won in a shootout. All that matters is they won.

This Capitals team has been beseiged with injuries this season. And despite all that they have been playing their hearts out. And now that the Caps seem to be developing a real fanbase they are going to be even harder to contend with at home. If this team is mostly healthy for the playoffs look for them to go deep. Especially now that they know they can beat the Flyers.

I had hoped to get to a Caps game while I was back in Baltimore for a little bit. But it looks like it's not going to happen. I guess I'll have to wait and try to score tickets to the game in Philly when the Caps come to play the Flyers. I guess I'll see how mean Flyers fans really can be then.


Reed-CK said...

You really have to catch a big game in DC sometime. The atmosphere is incredible and the team is well, you know where I'm going with this. Great post!