Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Super Bore

I don't know what my problem is. I love football. But I really just can't get into this years Super Bowl. Maybe it's because the Steelers beat my Ravens to make it, but I don't really think this is it. Maybe it just means the end of football season and that makes me sad. Or maybe it's because there just isn't a story line that I can get into this year. I don't really have a stake in either team.

I do hate the Steelers. But I think the AFC is better and the Steelers are legitimately better than the Cardinals. And I really can't get into this Cardinals underdog story. I love an underdog as much as anyone else. But for some reason this one just doesn't do it for me. Maybe it's because I have a little crush on Steelers coach Mike Tomlin. Yeah, I think he looks good in that puffy jacket. He definitely is at the top of my attractive coaches list. And I really think defense wins championships. The Steelers play similar football to the Ravens. I know offense is exciting and what everyone wants to see. But I enjoy a good defensive battle. It comes from being a Ravens fan. And as much as I hate the Steelers I kind of want to root for the style of football I like more. Even if it is an arch rival. Plus, I'll feel a little better about the Ravens division and playoff loss if the Steelers win.

When I told my friend I just wasn't that interested he asked how I couldn't get into the Cardinals story. He pointed out my teams are all underdogs and I usually love this type of story. I said Kurt Warner really doesn't do it for me. I'm not really sure why. He immediately asked if it was the God thing. And he was right. I have mild religious associations and very little belief in God. I understand that Warner is actually a very pious man and seems earnest in his thanking of God for his good fortune. He did go from bagging groceries to a Super Bowl and now is in the middle of another amazing comeback. So maybe he really should be thanking God.

I find most athletes disingenuous and thanking God for more political reasons. I don't really understand this since many of them commit such ridiculous acts. But somehow if you thank God for your abilities than all the other stuff is forgiven. I'd rather see athletes thank their teammates and their families and act pious rather than sound pious. It generally just seems false to me and that is rather off putting. If God does really care about football or any sport than I feel completely justified in my lack of belief. They're way more important issues that God should be dealing with.

For all of idiotic behavior of Big Ben, and there has been a lot of it, he is usually mum on the thanking God stuff. He has started doing this recently and I can't really speculate on why he started doing this. But I respect him mostly for keeping football about football. And the amazing comeback of Warner, while great, is not a story that is particularly compelling to me.

The Cardinals are a decent team that has played some great football in the post seasons. But I don't think they are a championship team. Yes, Larry Fitzgerald is one of the top wide recievers in football and Anquan Boldin is probably the toughest player in the league right now. (He broke his face and was back in a couple weeks, steel plates and all.) But overall, I can't really care about this team enough to like them. Maybe it was their poor showing in a week conference, maybe it's that they've been irrelevant for so long and I kind of think this is just a brief flash. Or maybe it's because I really do believe they are going to lose on Sunday.

I know that they have been the underdogs most of the playoffs and have pulled of some surprising victories. But Pittsburgh is a more disciplined team. They are not going to give up a last minute score and if they control the ball they are going to keep it. They have the power to get at Warner and the players to cover Fitz and Boldin. They also have a quarterback that has won a Super Bowl. So all of Warner's experience isn't that huge of a factor.

I really don't know who too root for. Maybe I'll just watch the commercials like a regular uninterested girl. Or maybe I'll just hope for some good football. Or maybe I'll hope for a more interesting game next year.


Anonymous said...

As a Steelers fan, I hope your confidence is justified. My enthusiasm is tempered by how badly the Cardinals knocked down the Carolina Panthers and last year's upset victory by the Giants.

Whenever we're watching a Steelers game, at least once a game, my wife (who is NOT a Steelers fan) will respond to a picture of Tomlin in a sing-song voice: "HANDSOME BLACK MAN!"