Sunday, January 25, 2009

Top Ten Reasons Gary Should Go

Supposedly there are still some Maryland supporters out there that love Gary Williams and think it's just a down year and he should stay. After yesterday's rout by the hated Dookies, I would be happy if he was fired/resigned tomorrow. So here are some reasons he shouldn't be around next season.

10. He's a lecherous old man. Every student has seen him out at a College Park bar at some time drinking and hitting on college students. This might have been tolerable when he won a championship, but now it's just gross.

9. He doesn't have the backing of the Athletic Director, Debbie Yow. They are constantly at odds and this is only hurting the program.

8. The Terps just got routed by Duke, 85-44. The score at halftime was 40-15. It was the most embarrassing loss I've seen as a Terps fan. This team is not competitive. It is just sad.

7. The lack of a big man is ridiculous. Gary couldn't manage to get even one mediocre big man to come to Maryland this year. It's symptomatic of how far this great program has fallen. Now we have an undersized team that can't really compete in the ACC.

6. This program has fallen apart under him. They won the National Championship in 2002 and since then had a flash of brilliance in to win the ACC tournament a few years later. But mostly these have been barren times with NIT bids and early tournament exits. It just keeps seem to be getting worse.

5. He could have a heart attack at any moment. Between the booze and the sideline screaming he looks as though he could die at any moment. He has to change his shirt and jacket at half time because he gets so sweaty. I might not want him as a coach any more but I don't want the poor man to come to any physical harm. Maybe he'll retire due to 'health issues.' This could actually be the best possible solution.

4. He can't coach the players to play to their potential. Maryland managed to beat Michigan and Michigan state this season. This gave me hope that they could play well during ACC play. But even the in conference wins have been ugly. Gary can't seem to motivate these players.

3. The inconsistency with this team in maddening. The last couple games have just been bad, but Maryland the last few seasons tends to go on a great mid season run and then collapses. The Terps haven't been able to play consistently for an entire season in recent memory. And playing consistently bad is even worse.

2. He hasn't done anything lately. We haven't even been making the NCAA tournament lately. And Maryland shouldn't be a regular in the NIT. And it doesn't look like this year is going to be any different.

1. He can't recruit. This team can't get better if he can't get anyone to come to this program. And the worse we get the harder it will be to recruit quality players. And this team will only continue to get worse.


Mark said...

LOL. I like the whole girls don't know sports vibe. I totally agree with the list. His last few recruiting classes have been a joke and the team has become a regular in the NIT. Je keeps letting top talent flee the state.

Anonymous said...

First off this whole article shows your ignorance of Maryland and basketball itself. The thought of wanting to fire him or even want him to resign is ridiclious! This man came to an NCAA team who was awful, and rebuilt them to national championship team. Back to back Final Fours, 2 coach of the years. This man has 600 plus wins, and has not had a losing season since 1993! Now lets talk about the "recruiting" People always say, "Gary can't get back yard players such as durant, Besleay, Lawson, Melo..." none of them are 4 yr players! Gary as i'm sure you know doesn't do the majority recruiting, but he has final say. And yes it could be better, but look at 2002 team. Lonny, Juan, Mouton, Wilcox, and Blake. Wilcox and Blake were the only two who were heavenly recruited by other schools. Juan and lonny weren't even top prospects! Now lets talk about the kids who we let slip away. (Gus Gilchrist. and T. Evans) Gilchrist is a school hopper, from va tech to maryland to USF. he wasted two years of school! the reason T. Evans is not with us is because of that famous left wing Baltimore Sun. They wrote that he murdered someone, when it was his bother! So he left cause of them! NOT GARY! and the girls that he "hits" on is wrong, those loose, sluts of girls that every guy wants to screw then leave are trying to get with him, he doesnt hit on them he might sign an autograph and thats it. But let me finish with i wish people like you werent even Maryland fans! Soon as we lose a game or to your ready to change stuff up! Look at obama he promised change and only thing he has changed is a black in office. So wake up and relaize gary is here to stay! And if you dont think Maryland has improved since the duke lost you really know nothing about Maryland or basketball! p.s. you like that win vs number 3 UNC??? haha. Do the terp family a favor leave CP and stop being a Terp fan, cause no one wants you!

Anonymous said...

We just beat UNC dusche bag...get real, Gary is the ultimate motivator and in my book the best coach in the game. If we all only gave every ounce of passion we had for whatever it is we do in the world, the world would be a much better place.

Gary is synonymous with Terps and hopefully will be for a long long time.