Monday, February 2, 2009


Unless you've been living under a rock for the last few days you are aware that Pittsburgh won the Super Bowl last night bring a record six Lombardi trophies to Pittsburgh. I hate the Steelers so I was kind of rooting for Arizona by default. Mostly I was not paying attention, to the game or the commercials. Mostly it looked like Pittsburgh was going to win, which was not really surprising at all. After the interception for a touchdown at the end of the first half I figured the game was over. Was there a worse possible way for Arizona to end the half? Instead of throwing a short pass for a touchdown to go into the half with the lead there's an interception and a touchdown.

At the half I declared the game over. Then somehow Larry Fitzgerald put the Cardinals back in the game. Everyone else in the room was cheering and excited. It was a Cardinals crowd by default. Some Kurt Warner fans, some Steelers haters, some lovers of the underdog story. I just shook my head. There was too much time left. I've watched the Steelers beat the Ravens three times this season. Big Ben is good at comebacks. The man has barely half a brain but this is where he thrives. I knew it was over.

People doubted me. But if I had been in Vegas I would have laid a ton of money on this. I just knew it. And it happened. Santonio Holmes comes up big in situations like this. He caught the 'touchdown' pass on the last drive against Baltimore to win the game. He managed to stretch his body further than I thought possible, but after watching the replay again and again it was a touchdown. I didn't really care that much about Arizona. I was just one of the many bandwagon fans who were ready to hop off as soon as the game was over regardless of the outcome.

Actually the loss didn't bother me that much. And I felt vindicated by my correct prediction. It also meant more shot of a smiling Mike Tomlin. Who knows, maybe they'll make a movie now about the Steelers. Omar Epps can play Tomlin. Yes, the resemblance is uncanny. Whatever, Tomlin is hot.