Monday, February 9, 2009

Topsy Turvy Terrapins

Maryland managed to hold off Georgia Tech last night extending their winning streak against the Yellow Jackets. It was a close game but a win is a win. And an ACC win is even better, even if its against the cellar dweller of the ACC. I didn't actually watch the game. I remembered how terrible the first GT game was and saw no reason to punish myself like that. I guess I was right since the Terps barely sneaked by with the win, 57-56, and only shot 35% from the field.

Regardless, I'm feeling optimistic. The infighting in the between Gary and Debbie is back to being private. The recruits for next season actually look promising. One recruit, Jordan, is 6'9 and has broken all sorts of records at his high school. We will actually have a legitimate big man next year. Maybe this means Gary has finally changed and his recruiting will get better. The Terps played pretty well against UNC even though they got beat. They still scored 91 points. Not a bad game at all.

So even after barely winning I am hopeful for the rest of the season. I'm in full on delusion mode right now. I believe Maryland could go on a ridiculous run like two seasons ago and still salvage this season. Maybe its the recent spring like weather. Maybe I just can't abandon my team no matter how painful it is or how much I want to. I don't care. I'm going to enjoy this brief respite from wishing the season was over. False hope is fine with me.


Mark said...

I hope you are right but they would be lucky to finish 8-8 in the ACC

Josh Nadas said...

i dunno about this magical run to finish the season strong... and i wish i shared your optimism.

Meghan said...

You're right, they will be lucky to finish 8-8 in the ACC, but I don't care, I'm going to pretend they could still be good for as long as possible. I have firmly settled into the denial stage and refuse to move on in my grief.

Scott said...

The upcoming stretch of games is a huge dagger though.

VA Tech, @ Clemson, UNC, Dook.

My hopeful self says we can get 3 (Tech, Clemson & Dook). My realistic self says 1, maybe 2.