Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Time to Dream the Impossible Dream

The Terps are 5-5 in the ACC. I hope you took the last few days to dream that they could make the NCAA Tournament. I didn't look at their upcoming schedule. Didn't think about the flaws. Just reveled in the comeback they've made. They are now only 3 1/2 games out of first on in the ACC. Yes, they are 8th, but one more win and a couple key losses and they are in the thick of the competition. Beating Virginia Tech might have been the rallying point they needed to go on a great run.

Hope springs eternal, and suddenly the hope is back. It might dry up again tonight but for now I'm enjoying a few more hours of it. Four out of five of Maryland's next games are against top 15 schools. Tonight it starts with Clemson. But I'm hopeful. I'm not going to analyze the schedule for a couple days. I'm not going to think about it all. I have class during the game tonight, so I won't even be watching. But I think its better that way. I'll watch the gamecast sporadically but won't be able to focus too much on the game. If we win, I'll feel we're one step closer to an amazing comeback season, if we lose, at least I didn't have to watch.

I really want this to be more than a little glimmer of hope. The students seemed to have rallied around Gary and there seems to be a new sense of purpose with his coaching. Maybe that big Debbie-Gary feud is what the Terps needed for extra motivation. I'd like to think something good came out of all that embarrassing infighting. The recruits for next year are looking good, with one shattering the backboard at his high school game last week.

Hope has returned to College Park. Here's hoping it lasts.




cgb said...

I really think the Terps are going to take VT's tournament bid.

VT finishes it up with Duke, UNC, 2x FSU and @Clemson while Maryland has Duke, UNC, Wake, NC ST and UVA. I don't see the Hokies doing any better than 1-1 against FSU and 1-2 against the big boys. Maryland should beat both NC ST and UVA and be able to go 1 against their actual competition. I believe that would give them an identical conference record and beating VT by 10 a week ago would help to break a tie of identical resumes.

Obviously the ACC tournament is the wild card that could eff everything up, but it will be fun to see how it all plays out.