Monday, October 27, 2008

Black Out

This weekend I traveled back to Maryland to go to the Homecoming game. And by game, I mean tailgate. I went home to see my brother and some friends who I thought were going to the game. In typical Meghan fashion, I made no plans beforehand about tailgating and didn't make any definite plans with my friends. We all just said that we would meet up at the tailgate somewhere. "Send a text when you get there" type of thing. Of course, this led to none of us having actual tailgates. I also had no ticket to the game. I figured if the weather was decent I'd scalp a ticket once I got there.

Luckily my sister has more organized friends. So my brother and I crashed her tailgate. We brought beer and put in some money for food, so we weren't total freeloaders. And then basically we drank in the rain. Which actually was beneficial for some of the games we were playing. Please ask me how to play shotgun, shotgun. Because the sky continued to open up and pour down on us, my brother and I decided to forgo the game and just watch it at a bar where hopefully we could dry off soon.

But the game was not on TV! I'm serious! THE MARYLAND HOMECOMING GAME WAS NOT ON TELEVISION, NOT EVEN IN COLLEGE PARK! Not even on some crappy channel. Maryland is ranked in the AP poll this week. They had not lost to a ranked team. What the hell. I didn't even think to check if the game was televised. How could it not be. I have never hated all networks more. I sat dripping wet in bar in College Park and all I wanted was to watch my alma mater beat up on NC State.

Maryland did go on to win the game. I listened to some of it as my brother drove us home to Baltimore. But really, I don't want to talk about. This game made the Terps bowl eligible. This win ties Maryland for first place in the Atlantic Division of the ACC. The Terps finally beat a team they were supposed to beat. This game was could have been so special. This was a chance for the alumni to watch even if they weren't at the game. To celebrate in College Park. But in wasn't the rain that put the main damper on the mood. It was the inability to watch the game.

Stupid networks.

Yeah, I'm still a little bitter.