Monday, October 6, 2008

Hokies are Turkeys

This weekend I headed down to Virginia Tech. Not only did I unexpectedly get to enjoy their homecoming, but I also was busy celebrating their win during the Maryland game, so I got to miss out on that agony. And while I thought the five hour drive back to Baltimore was long and painful. It probably wasn't as bad a watching the Ravens blow their lead in the fourth quarter after a hard fought game. The Ravens offensive line was impressive and prevented Flacco from getting sacked by one of the best defenses in the league. I'm not saying the Ravens didn't play well. I'm just glad I didn't have to watch them lose.

Two seasons ago the Ravens were 2-2 after their first four games. They went 11-1 for the rest of the season. Flacco is progressing nicely. The defense is doing great. And they've faced some really tough games. I'm optimistic for next week against the Colts. Not only do I despise the Colts, but they are not having the best year. I think that the Ravens' defense will be able to do well, especially since the Colts are not known for their tough physical game. Hopefully, the Ravens will be able to turn this around.

This weekend instead of watching my teams lose, I watched VT win their homecoming against the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers. Some of my brothers friends were making fun of the Hilltopper mascot. It's a big red furry thing. I can't really describe it all that well. But I thought it was funny considering the Virginia Tech mascot is a Hokie, otherwise known as a turkey. The VT fans even make turkey sounds when cheering on their team. But despite this, VT fans get very upset if you call the hokie bird a turkey. I mean I'm a little more afraid of giant red monster than a turkey. I'm just saying.

No disrespect to VT. It was an awesome place to visit. And a great place to tailgate and watch a game. I really forgot how much I like watching college football live. It's fun because any play could truly be a breakout play. And the level of excitement is so high. It could just be because it was homecoming, but I think that it's probably like that every game. WKU was an inferior team. I'd like to see VT fans when their team is playing a competitive game. I highly recommend a visit, even if it's not to see a game. Blacksburg is really cute and the campus is made completely of hokie stone (local granite) and is really pretty. Plus the fans are really friendly and nice. But remember to not call the hokie a turkey.