Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's Better to Be Lucky Than Good

There might not be another sport where luck is suck a huge factor in overtime games as the NFL. But maybe that's the way the NFL likes it. So much of whether a team wins or loses in OT is based on the coin toss. A random coin toss. That sucks. If you win the toss and manage enough offense to get into field goal range, you win overtime. So basically unless you have the kind of offense Baltimore had a few weeks ago, you win the coin toss you win. It's really unfair.

In no other sport does only one team get a chance at offense. Baseball has extra innings, and if the visitor scores, the home team has a chance to tie or win. If the home team wins, they don't finish the inning, it's a gentleman's game and not about rubbing the win in another teams face. But both teams get a chance at offense. In basketball, theres a whole overtime period. They play the whole thing, it's not whoever scores first wins.

College football has a great system. The teams line up on the 30 yd line and on tries to score. If they score then the other team gets a chance to score. So, if team one can stop team two and then score on their turn, they win. If team two scores a field goal, the team one has a chance to score a touchdown and win or a field goal to tie. If team two scores a touchdown, team one can score a touchdown to tie. And if there is a tie after that round the teams do it again until someone wins. It's a fair system.

Watching NFL overtimes are just so frustrating. I think the NFL should change to the college football overtime. That would make overtime about scoring. And everybody likes to watch scoring. It would make the game more fair. Overtime would no longer hang on the coin toss.

I know it will never happen. Trying to change the NFL is like trying to change the college bowl system, it might make sense but it's not going to happen. But a girl can dream. I think this would make overtime games more fair and more fun to watch. Which is something worth considering. Hey, even fantasy fanatics would be excited by this change. Any chance to score more points is good for fantasy. And players would get more time to increase their stats. And both teams actually have a chance to win.

Everyone wins in this new college football overtime goes pro. But that's just what I think. What does a girl know about sports?


Chimpanzee Rage said...

Personally, I dislike the college system. I think it turns football games into videogame shootouts. Only 50% of the time does the team that gets the ball first, win in overtime. Now, the argument might be then that 50% of the time only one team gets on offense and that is still bad for football. To that I say that defense is part of the game too. If a team's D cannot stop the other team from scoring in overtime, you don't deserve to win the game. College's system puts the offense first and defense second, by backing them up to the goal line, giving them little margin of error. The NFL is fair to both sides of the ball, it gives both team's offense and defense a chance to make plays to win a game. Just my humble position, keep on bloggin!