Thursday, October 23, 2008

Phillies Win Despite Trying to Blow Game

Last night was Game 1 of the World Series featuring the Philadelphia Phillies and the Tampa Bay Rays. And despite the Phillies attempts to lose the game, Cole Hamels' amazing performance propelled them to a win. While Kazmir pitched a great game, Hamels was the more dominant pitcher. He has now won 4 games in the post season. Which is a feat few others have attained. It sets the stage for a Hall of Fame career. He's young and has a great upside.

The rest of the Phillies kind of bumbled there way to the 3-2 win. They stranded eleven players on base and had a pretty bad communication with at a play at first in the first inning. Somehow no Phillie made it to the bag after a routine grounder. Luckily B.J. Upton hit into double play to erase the mistake. But for a the first few innings I really thought Philly was trying to screw it up. I mean they are cursed. And I am cheering for them now, and everyone knows I'm a sucker for a heart breaker. Yeah, having me rooting for the Phillies might not be what the city wants right now.

The other shining star of last night was Chase Utley. His first inning two run home run created a lead the Rays were never able to overcome. And the run Victorino managed to score was enough to keep the Phils on top for the game. But man, are those guys going to have to play better tonight. It'll be hard to win a lot of games playing like that. Especially if the Rays find their swings. Hopefully the bats of the Phillies will come alive tonight and help propel them to a 2-0 game lead heading back to Philadelphia.

Side Note: Jayson Werth looks like a meth addict. I must have said this about 50 times last night. But every time I saw him I was just as shocked. Does he really think he looks good? Really? Really?

The Rays have feed off adversity all season long. They lost the first game of the ALCS to Boston and then managed to split in Tampa and then took two in Boston. So Philly needs to watch out for this scrappy team. They don't have any playoff loss history to bog them down. The Rays can come back and will try to tonight. It should be fun to watch. The Rays don't have as big a drop of from their number 1 to number 2 pitchers as the Phils do. Both the starting pitchers can be brilliant but they can also be a little shaky. Pitching is the key to this series, just like every series. But with two teams with big bat potential, its the pitcher that can keep the other team in check that will dominate this game. (I should be a TV sports commentator with obvious statements like that...Networks I'll be waiting for your call.)

Game 2 is about to start, so I'm going to watch and I'll try to get back here tomorrow with more pithy commentary about the state of the series.